We deliver business prints that
Adds beauty to a creative story

Editorial design
Design that makes you want to read,
added with whimsical ideas

Editorial Design
Got only ideas? It’s OK! Just want the designs done? It’s OK!
We create various promotional designs that can add wings to your business.

BrochureA booklet for introducing a company including the company’s ideology, status, and plans, or products. It can be an effective medium to leave a positive impression of the company to the targeted business partners.

  • + Introducing the company and business
  • + Introducing the product and technology
  • + Systematic guidance of various products
  • + Product Installation and operation Manual

Leaflets & postersSuitable for promotional purposes, this popular print is perfect for advertising products and companies with designs and phrases that can leave a strong impression to the customers.

  • + For store display or delivery to customer
  • + Movie / Theater / New product promotion
  • + Exhibition / Convention promotion
  • + Event / Festival visitor information

Logo applicationIt is a design with effective visual effects to raise the awareness and recognition of the company’s image, public policies, allowing the viewers to have better understanding.

  • + Company Logo (CI)
  • + Brand Logo (BI)
  • + Logo application (business card, envelope, template, etc.)
  • + Naming (brand name)

Exhibition promotional materialsOften used for exhibitions and events, excellent for visual engagement by placing in high-traffic areas or roads to maximize its exposure, and its advertising and promotional effects.

  • + X banner, Y banner, mini banner
  • + POP, Wobbler
  • + Placard
  • + Custom-made promotional materials

Production process
We provide effective business promotional materials through a systematic production process of 8 steps.
* Production period: about 15 days (based on business days)


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