Sentimental branding with corporate philosophy,
We open the mind of consumers with a touching story.

Business consulting
Why did Starbucks focus on branding(brandtelling), not products?
The power of a brand story that makes you sold, not sell!

Brand developmentDevelop a special story to further enhance the value of a brand.

Production storytellingCreate stories that capture the hearts of customers to gain a more competitive edge.

Naming & copywritingLeave lasting impression with naming and copywriting that best represent the brand.

Online ads

Search AdsAds that are exposed to search through keywords on portal sites

Display bannerContinuous exposure through banners of all sites connected online

Viral & SNSTargeted advertisement to secure loyal customers through effective contents that are available in various social media and communities

Mobile & APPAn essential element of online marketing that specialized in the mobile environment, which became another lifestyle

Influencer marketingAdvertising that increases the trust of products and brands by using influencers

Online press promotionAds optimized to increase the trust in the form of online news platforms through named media outlets

Digital content productionAll digital content production including 2D, 3D, video, card news, etc.

Homepage productionCreation of website from the lowest-priced Naver optimized homepage to the customized, functional homepage

Offline advertisement

Integrated Marketing Strategy (IMC)A strategy that integrates various marketing activities conducted by a company or brand to deliver a single or connected message

Marketing mixStrategies that effectively combine different forms of marketing

Events & PromotionsActivities that promote purchase by raising recognition of products or services to consumers

PPL advertisementAlso called embedded marketing, a strategy to indirectly promote products in a broadcast program

Outdoor digital advertisingAs a kind of outdoor advertising, it is promoted through advertising devices such as digital signage installed in specific places.

Professional model recruitmentInfluencer, model, entertainer, etc.

Business consulting process
We provide a valuable brand through a systematic production process of 8 steps.

Production inquiry